Pickled Eggplant

~Pickled Eggplant, also known as “Aubergine”~

The eggplant is very popular in a variety of cultures.  What an interesting vegetable in deed.  It’s a member of the nightshade family, and has been cultivated throughout the world dating back to the middle ages.  This is the first year  that I have tried growing some, and so far the results are good.  With so many varieties to pick, I tried some small green and white striped ones .  They seem pretty well resistant to the ferocious insects of Northern Ontario, and did not need very much of my attention, making them a winner for my garden. I like simple gardening with a high yield .

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Chili Pepper Sauce

~Chili Pepper Sauce~

The bounty of the summer harvest is something gardeners all over the world get excited about at this time of year.  From the rural farmer, to the city dweller with only a simple tomato plant growing on their balcony.  We all know the end of August is the time to reap our rewards.

The little chili pepper, packs a punch, so not for the beginner spice-a teer.  This recipe makes good use of these pretty little peppers.  You can use the pepper of your choice, but for this recipe , I used the little black Hungarian ones, and the firey red hot chili peppers.  To calm the beast down , I added a good helping of tomatillos from the garden , and a sweet red pepper .

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