Chili Pepper Sauce

~Chili Pepper Sauce~

The bounty of the summer harvest is something gardeners all over the world get excited about at this time of year.  From the rural farmer, to the city dweller with only a simple tomato plant growing on their balcony.  We all know the end of August is the time to reap our rewards.

The little chili pepper, packs a punch, so not for the beginner spice-a teer.  This recipe makes good use of these pretty little peppers.  You can use the pepper of your choice, but for this recipe , I used the little black Hungarian ones, and the firey red hot chili peppers.  To calm the beast down , I added a good helping of tomatillos from the garden , and a sweet red pepper .

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Tomatillo Salsa Verde

Te quiero verde ” I Love Green”

Yes it’s that time of year again.  The day we have been waiting for all summer has arrived.

It’s Tomatillo Time !

Since finding out I was allergic to red tomatoes last year , I have been looking into making things with these little treasures.  All summer I had been fearing that my destructive gardening tendancies would have destroyed my little tomatillo patch out in the back 40, but I managed to save 3 plants, which to my surprise, provided me with more than enough to get me through our long cold winters here in Northern Ontario! Continue reading