Seed Bread with Sun-Dried Tomato

I know it’s a little soon for another bread recipe , but John was in the mood to make some Seed Bread with Sun-Dried Tomato, so we got out the bread machine, and went to town.  This recipe is very versatile , sometimes we add raisins, or maybe some black olives.  We also doubled the original recipe so we can freeze  a few little loaves.

After a week of rainy weather , the sun has finally decided to come out here again, so time to pack up a few sandwiches and head out for a nice little hike.  Looks like a good mental health day to me . Life is short my friends, take time to walk somewhere, and you will actually see things in Real Time , Enjoy!

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Whole Wheat Buns

Sometimes I wish that I could just hike up into the forest and live in a hollowed out tree, like that little boy did in the old movie called My Side of the Mountain.  It sounds like so much fun to live off the land and spend your days cooking over an open fire, while enjoying nature all around you.  In reality it is probably the hardest work, but I don’t care I would rather be tired at the end of the day from doing that kind of work than having some of the stress modern society puts on us.  It’s not a bad thing to want a simpler life.  Well  I guess with winter almost upon us here, I start thinking about hibernation and such, so I’m sharing with you my tried and true recipe for some great wholesome buns , to help stock up for the winter.

These buns are a great all purpose bun, you can use for practically everything from sandwiches to subs, to burgers, and everything else in between.  I doubled the batch to  freeze them .  We like to make sandwiches to take with us on our adventures .

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