Photographically Challenged Cook at Large

Famous words someone once wrote ” You have to learn to walk before you can run” This is something I have yet to master.

I have over the years accumulated a large collection of my favorite recipes, which I am dying to share with the world, and I want to have a clean legible  form of documenting them.    My talents in photography are in the negative category so far, but I am so eager to document the food we cook , I just can’t wait to get better .

I struggle with obstacles like a bad memory, when it comes to learning how to take a picture properly .  That along with the fact I just want to rush the picture at the end of cooking a meal , so I can sit down and eat.   So for now I am going to concentrate on getting the recipes added to the blog.   I may put some pictures up just to give people a general idea of what it is I am cooking, but my plan is to actually take more time and prepare a little room next to the kitchen, for taking pictures of food.

I’m sure there is a natural progression when it comes to the pictures, and hopefully I can catch on and get those shots that really make the food pop!

For the longest time I was only using a point and shoot camera, but recently picked up an older Pentax dslr which I am struggling with .  My poor old Right Brain, is not quite comprehending this complicated piece of equipment, which I find strange , because I have no problems troubleshooting for a living .

I was going to put this post on as a warning or disclaimer with the recipes ” warning may not look exactly like the picture” just in case the pictures come out bad.  So please accept my apologies if the pictures are elementary , because I guarantee you, the food will be spectacular and so delicious you will be excited to cook .



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