Hi my name is Ruth. 

I love cooking with my boyfriend John while listening to my favorite musician Jeff Beck. I work from home doing tech support helping people stay connected to to the world electronically.  We live in Northern Ontario where the growing season is short, so the minute the snow melts we are outside as much as possible to take advantage of the weather .   I love cooking “Easy Exotic” food, and keeping it simple.   We especially love going on cycling adventures around Northern Ontario and Upper Michigan , what a great way to work up a good appetite . We have a small efficient garden that I love playing in . Every year I learn a little more about being an urban gardener and love to see things grow. This blog was created not only to document our favorite recipes but also some of my favorite things like cycling, gardening and music. Enjoy! Sincerely,

Ruth Mills

Copyright ©2012


9 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you for following my blog! I’ve been looking at yours and am interested to see what you’ll be writing about next. I saw your post about photography, and think your pictures look fine. When I started doing this a year ago, the photography was the biggest challenge for me too. My skill has been improving, especially in these warm months when I can take most of my photos outside. Indoor photography is a much bigger challenge in the cold and dark months, but I’ve done some reading about lighting and that has helped. It’s funny how many blogs I’ve seen where the writers remark about how their photography has improved, mine included! Enjoy your blogging adventures!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Squirrel Circus — glad your visit led me to find your blog — love your style (and have been on the caffeine roller coaster for much of this weekend, myself….) Have great week! 🙂

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